worried worried worrying 第三人称单数: worries


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    You needn't worry.


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    Don't worry about little things.


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    Japan's perplexed bankers need not worry.


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    What you must konw is that everyone will have such a period when things seem to be going wrong ,so please do not worry about it too much. At the moment, what you must do is learning to control your temper so that you may not do or say someting you will regret. Here I share some tips:


    Dear Jason,I'm very sorry to hear that you are ill and have went back to your country. We all worry about you very much. Have you been much better now ?Please don't worry about your teaching , what you have to do now is taking a good rest and complying with the doctor's order.


    英语口语中,如何用一句话“安慰他人”?一起来看看吧!Kelly Sikkema/unsplash别在意。Never mind. (没什么。)*带有“别在意”、“忘了它吧”、“没什么”的语感。Don't worry (about it).It's okay.Forget (about) it. (没什么

    Security worries rise as violence spikes in Rio

    Doping may not be the biggest issue athletes need to worry about at the Rio Olympics. Brazil remains in the grip of a political crisis, concerns persist about the mosquito borne Zika Virus, and violent crimes are on the

    Locals worry of landslides in mountainous Pakistan

    The western Pakistani city of Peshawar is one of the worst-hit areas of thecountry. Most of the injured, suffering with fractures and bruises, are beingsent to the largest public hospital in the region.Locals fear the ea


    香港兴起怪异食日减肥法Worrying new 'health' fad sees Chinese women replacing food with staring into the sun to lose weightA new 'health' trend in Hong Kong sees women staring straight at the sun in the belief that it wil


    Do you find it easy to pick up (learn quickly) new English words? Or maybe you recognise the words but find it difficult to understand or remember the meaning? Well, dont worry! There is always a way to remember differen


    Something very worrying seems to be happening in Chinas jobs market大数据分析认为中国房价可能要下跌导读:中国房地产市场最近的招聘趋势,向我们传达了重要警告。The current hiring trend in Chinas housing market is eerily simi


    没关系用英语怎么说?学了对不起怎么说,该来看看没关系了。下面是一些常见的没关系表达,你都会用吗?1. That's OK!没关系!2. That's alright!没关系!3. Don't worry about it!不用担心!4. It's nothing!没什么!5. Never mind!別放在


    worry的过去式是什么?worryvt. 担心;发愁;折磨vi. 担心;烦恼;撕咬worry的变形属于规则变化,所以worry的过去式和过去分词是改y为i,再加_ed,即worried。例句:All the others worried me, for one reason or another. 跟读其他的都