threatened threatened threatening 第三人称单数: threatens


  • 1、

    A storm was threatening.


  • 2、

    Don't threaten me with death; I'm past caring!

    别用死来威胁我, 我不在乎!

  • 3、

    He was threatened with dismissal if he continued to turn up late for work.


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    This chilling poster of Lionel Messi crying blood is being used in a campaign of terror by ISIS supporters to threaten to next years World Cup in Russia.这张显示利昂内尔.梅西血泣的吓人海报正被伊斯兰国支持者们用于一场恐怖


    导读:本周一,北京一名女子因掌掴公交色狼而被割喉,该事件引起公众对女性安全的极大关注。A female bus passenger in Beijing got stabbed by a harasser on Monday morning after slapping the man and threatening to call the police


    导读:HR阴性血全球稀缺,很多人因为没有血源而丧命。为此,中国HR阴性血同盟开始发挥大作用。Only a small number of people in China have rhesus negative blood, and a lack of supplies can be potentially life-threatening if they


    导读:看着自己的爱犬被一头黑熊欺负,加州一名73岁老人怒发冲冠,上演了一场手撕黑熊的好戏。Moore, a 73-year-old man who hails from the foothills near Sacramento, California, says a black bear threatened his dogs outside his

    China: THAAD threatens regional security

    Chinese Defense Ministry spokesman Yang Yujun says China strongly opposes the deployment of the 'THAAD' anti-missile system in South Korea. The statement was as response to a question about China's concerns o


    以色列新反恐法英文报道A new, sweeping anti-terror laws passed in Parliament last month have raised concerns for being too harsh and threatening civil liberties. The laws call for harsh punitive measures taken against pot

    孤儿院收养了一群树懒宝宝 呆萌惹人爱!

    With their sweet, squishy faces and lazy movements, sloths are one of the most squee-worthy animals on the Internet. Sadly, these sluggish tree-dwellers are also increasingly threatened in their native forests of Central

    霸道!特朗普:谁敢反对美国申办世界杯 美国就反对谁

    2026年世界杯主办国挑选在即。近日,美国总统特朗普发推,扬言谁敢反对美国申办世界杯,美国就反对谁。U.S. President Donald Trump is threatening to withhold support from nations who dont back the joint bid by the United States

    悲伤!南极一座冰山倒了 导致15万只企鹅死亡

    An enormous iceberg in Antarctica has killed off 150,000 penguins and threatens to wipe out an entire colony, which has become trapped and unable to reach food.南极洲上一枚巨大的冰山已经导致15万只企鹅死亡,整个栖息地的企

    CCTV9英语新闻:US-led coalition launches fresh air strikes on Isl

    CCTV9英语新闻:US-led coalition launches fresh air strikes on Islamic US-led forces have intensified air strikes against militants of the self-proclaimed Islamic State threatening Kurds on Syrias Turkish border. IS milit