n. <正>结果;端;终止;最后部分;

vt.& vi. 结束,终止;

ends ended ended ending 第三人称单数: ends


  • 1、

    He didn't want to say it, but he said it in the end.

    他本来不想说这件事, 后来还是说了.

  • 2、

    He travelled France from end to end.


  • 3、

    They petitioned for an early end to the fighting.


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    1、Under 18? You can’t buy alcohol here, and your friends can’t buy it for you either.2、Have fun, but please keep the noise down, especially at night. Respect others around you.

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    1、一般现在时:主语 + 动词原形(第三人称单数加s)+ 其他。例如:She often plays basketball with her friends.2、一般过去时:主语 + 动词过去式 + 其他。例如:I watched a movie last night.


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