n. 书;卷;课本;账簿;

vt.& vi. 预订;

vt. 登记;(向旅馆、饭店、戏院等)预约;立案(控告某人);订立演出契约;

adj. 书的;账簿上的;得之(或来自)书本的;按照(或依据)书本的;

books booked booked booking 第三人称单数: books


  • 1、

    There isn't anything of real substance in her book.


  • 2、

    There is something about nationalism in this book, but I can't find the place.

    这本书里谈到民族主义, 可是我找不到在哪里.

  • 3、

    I've read the book from beginning to end.


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    The purpose of this report is to provide an overview of the school project involving the collection of used books on campus. This initiative aimed to promote sustainability, encourage reading habits among students, and give back to the community by redistributing books.


    Alice loves to read books. She spends most of her free time in the library, exploring different genres. Her favorite type of book is mystery novels. Alice enjoys trying to solve the puzzles and figure out who the culprit is.


    Mr. Smith is a famous writer. He has written many books and won several awards. He loves reading and writing from a young age. His dream is to inspire people with his stories.


    例题1:The book _______ I borrowed from the library is very interesting.A. whichB. whatC. whomD. who答案:A. which解析:这是一个限制性定语从句,修饰先行词"book",引导词在从句中作宾语,因此用关系代词"which"。例题2:The girl _______ bicycle was stolen is


    买故事书S= Student C= ClerkS: Excuse me. I need some storybooks in easy English. Do you have anything like that?学牛:对不起,我要买一些用简易英文写的故事书。你们有那样的书吗?C: Well, there are a lot of storybooks upstairs in our children\'s section. So


    找英文教科书S= Student C= ClerkS: Excuse me, I\'m looking for your English textbooks.学生:对不起,我正在找你们卖的英文教科书。C: They\'re right over there, next to the dictionaries.店员:它们就在那边,字典的旁边。S: Do you have any textbooks to help imp


    Dear Miss Evans,I am writing to ask if you can give us some advice to revise the short play adapted from our English textbook.It's a famous story about Lady Mengjiang in Qin Dynasty .


    与其在头发上插上美丽的鲜花,不如把头发做成盛放的花朵形状。这位把头发做成花的造型师来自越南,他设计的花朵发型灵动逼真,美轮美奂,令无数网友惊叹不已。Photo: Nguyen Phat Tri/FacebookNguyen Phat Tri, a young hairstylist from


    I have the bad habit of skipping to the last pages of a book to see how it ends while I am still in the middle of it. This habit annoyed first my Mom, then my friends, and finally even my own daughter.我有一个换习惯就是