n. 苹果;苹果树;苹果公司;



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    I don't like a tart apple.


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    Penny's only son was the apple of her eye.


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    "You want an apple with your cheese?"— 'Please.'


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    主动语态:主语 + 动词 + 宾语Active Voice: Subject + Verb + Object例句:Tom eats an apple. 汤姆吃一个苹果。被动语态:宾语 + be动词 + 过去分词(动作的承受者放在前面)Passive Voice: Object + be verb + Past Participle (the recipient of the action is placed before)


    《我的好朋友》英语作文范文 第1篇My good friends name is Ozawa. I am 8 years old. He looks very handsome. When he smiles, his face is like a big apple. His hair was black and he was tall.He talks a lot in class and answers the teachers questions, but he


    夏天天气炎热,真的不能穿不透气的衣服,贴在身上很难受的,特别是在外面逛街吃饭的时候,所以夏天我们必须选择清凉的面料和简约的衣服款式。As the world continues to grapple with extreme heatwaves, which are becoming ever more regular thanks to climate change,


    趣味英语知识,让你轻松掌握地道小英语。关键词一:食The Big Apple:来到美国,说到吃,肯定很多人的第一个反应是The Big Apple,不过千万别误会,这可是你吃不了的苹果,它其实是纽约市的“昵称”。如果你旅游的目的地是The Big Apple,那我们可要说Congratulations(恭



    美国大批名人推特账户被黑 发送比特币诈骗链接

    The Twitter accounts of major public figures and corporations, including Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Apple were hijacked Wednesday, in a stunning show of force by hackers.本周三(7月15日

    电钻iPhone 7,钻出隐藏耳机孔?

    Prank video destroying new Apple smartphone receives 10m views, with some seemingly tricked into making 3.5mm hole in the bottom of their devices.这则破坏新款苹果手机的恶搞视频浏览量高达1000万,有些人甚至还真的上当,在自

    iPhone 12 MAX的效果图泄露

    Days after a report revealed that the upcoming iPhone 12 Pro will look like a tiny iPad Pro, CAD designs of the biggest version of the iPhone 12 Prothe iPhone 12 Pro Maxhave leaked confirming Apples design for the upcomi


    Apple and Google are partnering to help authorities track exposure to the coronavirus using Bluetooth technology.苹果和谷歌正在合作利用蓝牙技术帮助当局追踪冠状病毒感染情况。The two Silicon Valley giants will work on a pl


    One of the most dangerous things about the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic is the misinformation spreading about it. While tech giants such as Apple, Facebook, Google, and Twitter have taken steps to stem COVID-19 misinfor